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Located in the heart of Kiev, an elegant penthouse features an interior that takes much of its inspiration from a nearby botanical garden, giving the property an air of peace and contemplation. With a sweeping spiral staircase and open gathering areas, the penthouse embodies elegance and style, while offering a multifunctional layout that enables the space to serve as the setting for various types of social events.

Initially, the 255-square-meter property, located on the 16th and 17th floors, had only external walls, and the original request was to transform it into a cosmopolitan, sophisticated, multifunctional residential apartment. We accomplished this transformation in part through a clear division between the living area and the social quarters, which do not intersect one another. The family bedrooms are located on the second level, while the first level contains a kitchen, dining room, living room, utility room, guest bedroom, and guest bathroom.

The levels are connected by the modern staircase, which was a particularly challenging aspect of the project. The initial stairway opening was narrow and awkwardly shaped, but an effective engineering solution and an adjusted scale allowed us to craft a unique spiral stairway that immediately catches the eye and is the focal point of the penthouse's first floor.

Since the developer was unsure of who the future tenants would be, we strove to develop a layout that would allow multifunctional usage of the space. We accomplished this versatility through the use of a moveable wall with sound insulation equal to that of a regular plaster partition, permitting separation of the dining and kitchen areas as needed. This wall allows for formal events where diners are isolated from the kitchen, as well as more casual get-togethers where the kitchen and dining space are one.

We made a bold choice regarding the interior’s general colour scheme, with nearly all black walls contrasting with a few white ones. Throughout the space we used a number of rich, natural textures, such as pale marble and a wooden veneer, the deep, dark tones of which were achieved by the use of a special smoking technique. These materials and colour choices were then repeated in bespoke furniture designed by our studio and crafted by a local manufacturer. The natural shapes and saturated colours of the tropical plants soothe the interior’s strong order and structure, providing an airy and harmonious atmosphere that offers an architectural and design experience unlike any other.

Apart from made-to-measure pieces all furniture and lighting in this interior are from high-end brands. We partner with leading European manufacturers, so our clients can discover countless choices in contemporary furniture while benefitting from our established contracts and relationships to enjoy access to select discounts.

Kiev, Ukraine 2018

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